MasterClass: Financial Nirvana Online

An intensive 12 months online course to help beginners make Passive Income from their existing wealth.


MasterClass: Financial Nirvana has been systematized to help entrepreneurs and professionals who wish to eliminate their dependence of money from their business or job using the POWER OF PASSIVE INCOME.


It is a systematic process to give you the mindset, skills and systems that can guarantee that you start making steady Passive Income within the first 12 weeks of starting the program.

Course Structure

12-Months Accelerated Program
Bi-Weekly handholding webinar with Arpit Arora
(26 Group Sessions = 2 hours each)
20+ Hours of Content Online

(Watch at Your Own Pace)

  • People who are solely dependent on their job/business for income
  • Individuals who are looking for financial security by having multiple streams of monthly income
  • Those who are fearful about their financial present and future.
  • People who are unable to focus on their passion because of their distraction/compulsion to run after more money
  • Easy action steps to create monthly Passive Income from existing Wealth
  • Achieve family financial goals comfortably
  • Avoid Financial Blunders – Learn how to WIN the MONEY GAME
  • The wiser ways to invest in all asset classes
  • The Secret to Passive Income for LIFE – Make monthly Passive Income in any economic cycle

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Your Transformation Process

Master Class: Financial Nirvana Online

Step 1:

Undo Financial Mistakes

STOP BURNING MONEY DAILY & start making wise financial decisions

Master Class: Financial Nirvana Online

Step 2:

Get Financial Freedom

ELIMINATE YOUR DEPENDENCE OF INCOME from Business/ Job in 5 years or less

Arpit Arora

Step 3:

Follow your Passion

Stop running after money and start living a life where you FOLLOW YOUR PASSION

Student Testimonial



Srinivas learnt how to manage his existing wealth to make an extra Rs30,000/monthly in the first meeting

MasterClass: Financial Nirvana Online FAQs

What is the program about?

The program delivers the mindset, skillset and systems to create a steady flow of passive income from your existing wealth. Mr. Arpit Arora, our Passive Income Coach, reveals how you can make more passive income than your active income (the one you earn from business and profession) to easily cover your day-to-day lifestyle expenses.

Is this about mutual funds/stock market?

Mutual funds and the stock market are a part of the program. Passive income is created through many asset classes or Investments including Real estate, FDs, Mutual Funds, Gold, etc. How much and where to invest depends on each person’s preference and risk appetite. Arpit talks about how to strategically allocate your existing wealth in different asset classes, so that you can earn a regular stream of passive income from your total wealth.

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Who is the host/Who is Arpit Arora?

Mr. Arpit Arora is India’s leading personal finance expert and a Passive Income Coach. He is also a SEBI Registered Research Analyst who is following his Passion by coaching Entrepreneurs and Professionals to make more Passive income from their wealth and live a life free of money worries. Read more about Arpit.

Read more about Arpit Arora

How is the program conducted?

The program is studio quality pre-recorded program hosted on a platform called Teachable. Once enrolled you shall be given access to view the course content which you can watch at your own pace.

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Is the program in Hindi or English?

It’s a mix of both English and Hindi
Arpit Arora


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