What a day it would be when you are free of all your money worries, unconditionally?


Upon analyzing the most undisclosed secrets of the financial industry, we wish to share them with the world. Learn to earn passive income with existing wealth at our masterfully designed passive income programs.

Learn to live a life free of money worries.

Learn how to earn passive income.

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Mastery Financial Nirvana Webinar

A 1.5 hours eye-opening webinar


1.5 hours Enlightening Webinar to help you learn Passive Income creation from your Existing Wealth

  • The surest way to achieve financial freedom
  • The blunders you are doing with your hard-earned money
  • How the Wealthy manages their money
  • And more…

Mission Financial Nirvana Online


A 4 Days transformational online program



Learn the fundamentals of how to create passive income with existing wealth.

  • Attract wealth and save lakhs
  • Make more money passive income than active income
  • Sustain your lifestyle with passive income
  • Avoid financial investment blunders

MasterClass: Financial Nirvana Online

12 months intensive online program


Learn the art of creating regular passive income – We teach you everything we know!

  • Easy Action steps to create monthly Passive Income from existing Wealth
  • Easily achieve family financial goals
  • Avoid Financial Blunders – Learn how to WIN the MONEY GAME
  • The Wiser ways to invest in all asset classes
  • The Secret to Passive Income for LIFE – Make monthly Passive Income in any economic cycle
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