Learn to Create Passive Income from Existing Wealth

90 Minutes Enlightening Wealth Management WEBINAR || Limited to 100 People only


We curated this webinar with a mission to help millions of people live a life free of money worries so that they can pursue their passion and stop running after money. This course discloses the concealed secrets of the financial industry to enable you to make a steady monthly passive income from your existing wealth.


Watch the video below to hear from our Passive Income Coach, Arpit Arora, what this webinar has for you.

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Date: 27 May, 2022 | 6-8PM

  • Business Owners wanting to decrease dependency on one income.
  • Professionals looking to create multiple streams of Income.
  • Retirees looking to sustain on Pension like Passive Income.
  • Graduates: Looking to learn more than MBA Finance.
  • The surest way to achieve financial freedom
  • The blunders you are doing with your hard-earned money
  • How the Wealthy manages their money
  • And more…

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we get access to Webinar recording?

No, every time a live webinar is organized, and it is not available for further sharing.

What exactly is financial health analysis? Is it personalized financial health analysis? Do I need to share my financial details?

A 10-point Financial Health Guide of money risks which you are unaware of. No, you don’t have to share your financial details but have a decent idea about the health of your wealth.

Will I be able to balance out all my liquid investments after this course to the best proportion?

Yes, this course is designed to deliver you that and much more.

How much wealth do I need to have to do this course and generate passive income?

20% of our students don’t even have wealth, yet they do the course. Just like you need the education to get a job, you also need to learn about money to make money. The course is designed to help you inculcate habits of managing whatever amount of money you have and be able to create a system which makes Passive income for you for your entire life.

In the course, you will learn how to make Passive income by existing wealth including assets which are not making you money as well as fresh investments.

Is the webinar in Hindi or English?

It’s a mix of both English and Hindi.
Arpit Arora