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3 Simple Ways to Make Passive Income from Equity Investments

Before we tell you how to make passive income from equity investments, let's first understand What Equity Investments are? Equity Investment is when you invest your money in a company by purchasing its shares, which are typically traded on a stock exchange. By virtue of being the shareholders, you also get a stake in the [...]

5 reasons why you shouldn’t invest in Unlisted Shares or, Start-ups

  In the olden times, quite a lot of people were hesitant to invest in the share market, be it listed or unlisted shares. However, the scenario has changed with the world and financial markets progressing. The increased transparency and supreme returns of the financial markets have been catching abundant attention with more and more […]

Three Levels of Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom is perhaps the most misunderstood and fascinating concept in the vast world of finance. While the illusion it gives is that it is very hard to achieve and is something that needs to be understood in more detail.  Let’s talk about the three levels of Financial Freedom that can help anyone accelerate and […]

Is Crypto-Currency a gamble, trade, or Investment?

Gone are the days when people spoke about which currency is stronger – the US dollar, GB Pound, or the Kuwaiti Dinar. This is the era of investment into cryptocurrencies where money can be made overnight and rags to riches is a common story. Bitcoin was the first which started this new age trend and […]

Should I Invest in high dividend-paying stocks for a source of Passive Income?

Investing is a major and sure source of passive income, but wrong investments lead to huge losses as well. Investing in stocks offers the creation of passive income via high dividends, but should you invest in such stocks to create passive income? The dividend is a distribution of retained profit that the company (which is […]

5 Practical ways to achieve Financial Freedom in 5 years or less

In the fast-paced world we are living in today, it is important for all of us to match its frequency. Attaining Financial Freedom has become one of the top priorities of major sectors of society. But working towards it is still a challenge for many because they are yet to learn the five practical ways […]

Portfolio Analysis: Can I lend money to make Passive income in India?

To do a correct Portfolio Analysis the risk versus returns have to be weighed in. Let’s look into it in a little more detail. Lending has been of great help in the past to create Passive Income for many households. Many people are still using lending to make passive income even now. But we have […]

Portfolio Management: Should I diversify by investing in foreign Stock & index funds?

Many financial advisors talk about getting the right advice on Portfolio management. To create the right portfolio investing in foreign indexes in the US equity markets is a step forward in the right direction. Many broking platforms promote investing in US markets, stocks or diversifying into foreign equities. But there’s always a dilemma: is it […]

Money Management: PPF v/s EPF: which is better?

In making money, be it for business owners or salaried employees, it is essential to know about money management and the tax-saving investments which can make you more money than just bank based investments. Most people use PPF and EPF. PPF or Public Provident Fund is one of the most popular saving schemes among Indian […]

Money Management: Should I pay my Home/Business Loan v/s Investing first?

It is extremely important to always manage & optimise your Money Management skills in such a way that it helps you generate additional income known as passive income. But sometimes one cannot decide when to invest because of other priorities which could be anything from paying off home loans to business loans and many more. […]

Is Financial Freedom for Business Owners important?

How other people perceive business owners to be – People loaded with money, easy cash flows, no worries about savings or spendings, tons of money in their lockers to spend as and when needed, multiple streams of passive income that keep adding to their wealth and stacks kept in banks taking care of them for […]

Best money management ideas for Retirement

Retirement is a period that everyone wants to live feeling relaxed. This period should be planned properly especially in terms of money. How to know the best money management ideas for Retirement is a big concern for people nearing retirement. There is no perfect time to start saving in the name of retirement but it […]

7 ways to improve your Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy is one of the most crucial things in any adult’s life. Being financially literate means having the skills and knowledge to save, invest and manage your money. Financial Literacy is not something that one should learn after becoming an adult, it is a process that should happen as we grow up, as there […]

7 Myths about achieving Financial Freedom

Even though most people claim to understand the concept of Financial Freedom, their actions suggest otherwise. They have a lot of myths regarding the concept. The concept is as old as the existence of money. The concept of Financial Freedom has always been the same irrespective of the era, the concept of investment (putting money […]

How to do income tax planning this financial year

Tax-planning can be a tedious job for most of us, that is why here we are with Everything you need to know in order to save Taxes this financial year. Most of the tax-payers know about common tax-saving deductions such as section 80C of the Income Tax Act but what most people do not know […]

Best money management ideas for Retirement

Retirement is a period that everyone wants to live feeling relaxed. This period should be planned properly especially in terms of money. How to know the best money management ideas for Retirement is a big concern for people nearing retirement. There is no perfect time to start saving in the name of retirement but it […]

How to get Financial Freedom in 5 years or less?

Financial Freedom means having enough money to pay for your expenses for the rest of your life. You do not have the pressure of working for money, you are free to follow your passion or do whatever you really want to do. A person who has achieved Financial freedom generally lives on the income generated […]

What is the Real Financial Freedom?

People often cite “financial freedom” as their goal and pledge to seek it and yet Financial Freedom is one of the most misunderstood concepts, especially by the younger generation. They believe that having enough money to buy whatever they want, do whatever they do or simply being rich is called Financial Freedom which is clearly […]

5 Daily habits to achieve financial freedom

Healthy financial habits are key to achieve financial freedom. Any habit that involves money in it can be called financial habits. Spending, saving, investing etc. comes under financial habits, even your mindset. In order to achieve financial freedom, you need to have good financial habits. These can be as simple as not spending too much […]

Financial Literacy : 7 step guide to your Personal Finances

What is Financial Literacy?  Financial literacy is having all the set of skills and knowledge to make informed and wise financial decisions. It can take even a lifetime to learn all about money but there are few basic things which need to be taken into consideration before making financial decisions and that is what is […]

7 Steps to achieve financial freedom

Why Financial Freedom matters? There are a lot of reasons why people need to have Financial Freedom. One of the main reasons is you do not have to worry about doing things that don’t matter to you, eg. the job you don’t like, in simple words it allows you to follow your Passion. Another big […]

Quickest way to achieve Financial Freedom

What all things come to your mind when we talk about Financial Freedom? Is it your savings account or your investments or something else? Saving is a significant first step, but it is not enough to propel you into your journey to financial freedom. Financial Freedom is when one does not worry about money being […]

New Passive Income Sources in India

We need to keep an eye on new passive income sources in India that come in the market just as it is important to update our knowledge on any of our favorite things such as cars, technology, applications etc. People today want to learn about how to make Passive income in India from different sources […]

Importance of Financial Literacy in India

Financial literacy in India is still not something that is very much talked about even though it should be. Financial Literacy is the ability to use skills and knowledge to take effective and informed money-management decisions. From it simply being an alien term to being one of the most focused terms by the National think-tanks, […]

Passive Income Ideas for Beginners in 2021

It is never too late to start learning about how to make passive income and passive income ideas in India especially in the crucial year of 2021 which is a year of hope and financial recovery. No matter which age group you currently fall in, the area of Passive income has something to offer you. […]

How to Make Passive Income in India for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are now opening up to the idea of earning How to make Passive Income in India besides their business given the uncertainty of income from their business in the last 5 years. Smart business-owners prefer having a clear distinction between their Corporate Finance and Personal Finance. Those who mix these two mostly end up […]

How to Make Passive Income in India for Salaried People

People who are doing a full-time job also like to explore this area and want to know How to Make Passive Income in India. Their salary may or may not be sufficient for them so the constant need to learn more about passive income sources is there. Not all can devote time and efforts in […]

Learn how to earn Passive Income in India: The Correct Asset Selection

For Indians, it is very important to learn about what qualifies as Passive Income before learning about how to earn Passive Income in India. You can not be making YouTube videos full time and be calling this your passive income source because it clearly is not. If your passive income source is asking you to […]

How to make Passive Income in India : 8 Mistake to avoid in 2021

It would be looking away from reality if we say that we have not tried to learn how to make Passive Income in India in the past. Are we still not learning about Passive Income Ideas each day in order to have a better lifestyle? The question is even after trying so hard, learning and […]

How to make Passive Income in India: Safer than Lending?

We are all looking for ways to learn how to make Passive Income in India that is safe and at the same time gives good returns as well. Traditionally, we have been lending our money to our friends, relatives, colleagues and other acquaintances with or without any collateral on the basis of our mutual trust […]

Passive Income Ideas in India for New Investors in 2021

Everyone is busy learning about Passive Income Ideas in India. Today, the need of making passive income can reach to you anywhere from a social media Ad promising an idea to make money to your neighbour making good Passive income. It is always there somewhere in the background. If this is the case then why do […]

Three Passive Income Ideas in India with low investments

We have all been looking for the best passive income ideas in india and we definitely come across a lot of options while we are at it. But, do we have enough corpus to be put in these diverse asset classes? Well, certainly not everyone has enormous capital at all points in their life. That […]

Best Passive Income Ideas in India for Beginners

Many people try to find out about Best Passive Income Ideas in India. Passive Income, being one of the most unexplored areas in our country has a lot to give to the Indian Population. Many times, people do know many ways to earn passive income but find the whole process of setting up the system […]

Is Retirement planning in India, a full stop to money-making?

Many people worry about retirement planning in india thinking it’s a full stop on money making, and all they do is worry. They fail to take any necessary action. Retirement planning sounds like a big task. Why does it sound so scary is because we all know that after a point i.e. Retirement we’ll stop […]

How to generate Passive Income tax-free?

How to generate passive Income? We all want to earn Passive Income and invest in various assets to get good returns. What we may not consider that well is the… Public Provident Fund The Public Provident Fund (PPF) currently (subject to change every three months) offers 7.1 percent per annum compounded annually. It is a […]

How to create Passive Income in India keeping goal-planning in mind?

Planning for financial goals and knowing How to create Passive Income in India is a balancing act many are not able to do. We plan our finances based on our goals. For example if I have to buy a car next year then based on how much I can save each month I will plan […]

How to generate Passive Income in India while avoiding the investment mistakes?

Ever heard of Investment mistakes? I bet you have, because everyone has made them. In the pursuit of creating passive income by investments, mistakes can really be a big setback for many. Sometimes, investors are driven by rumors instead of facts and that affects the financial decision of the investor, while other times it can […]

How to create Passive Income using the tool of Diversification?

Knowing How to create Passive income is the need of the hour in the state of the economy we live in today and using diversification as a tool that helps minimize the risk from an investment is certainly a boon. To better understand this let’s understand the context of Passive Income, it is a wide […]

Myths on how to earn Passive Income in India

With every concept, there are some myths associated and so is with the concept of ‘how to earn passive income in india’.   It is important to bust such myths in order to make decisions without any bias.  Myths or any kind of biased information in the field of finance can actually cost you a lot. […]

How to generate Passive Income for Young Adults?

After completing their education, young adults start working, parallelly they’re also concerned about how to generate Passive Income along with their work. Technically and legally, one becomes an adult when he/she turns 18 but the feeling of adulthood really hits when one starts managing his/her own finances and also starts financial planning for each stage […]

How to make Passive Income when you are near Retirement?

People near their retirement period are mostly concerned about their future income source and thus they want to know how to make passive income post their active income from a job, business or profession stops. Some part of this elderly population has already planned their finances for the retirement period but most of them have […]

How to make passive income given the crash in Equity and Real Estate

The economy is experiencing bad financial weather, people are concerned about how to make passive income even more. The thought haunts them is their increasing lifestyle expenses and reduced income. Since the Equity market has crashed and Real Estate has already been going through a bad decade in terms of returns and liquidity, most investors are […]

What is Passive Income?

What is Passive Income? Why is a huge population showing an interest in trying to learn how to generate passive income?  Income is categorized into two broad categories on the basis of the number of efforts you put in to earn it, the first one is Active Income which requires most of your attention, time, […]

The different Passive Income Sources in India during COVID-19

The concept of Passive Income is no longer an alien to the Indian Population. People now know that the money they earn without putting much of their time and efforts into it, is their Passive income, and the most common passive income source that even a layman would understand is the Rental Income. Most of […]

How to create Passive Income in India: The simplest Way

Making Passive Income is more a need today than a desire given the economic recession and decreasing income for people at large. A lot of people today are misled by the word Passive Income as the information available on the internet mostly directs them towards skill-based passive income which also requires an immense amount of […]

How to grow your money FAST? Velocity of Money

The concept of “How to make Passive Income” also includes learning a lot of crucial money concepts because the basic financial IQ is very important, one of such concepts is the Velocity of Money. The Velocity of Money is the number of times the same money is used for different purposes or to satisfy different […]

Top Reason why Entrepreneurs fail Financially ‘The distinction between Business Money and Personal Wealth’

Why is it important? Many are inquisitive about How to earn Passive Income, from Students to retired personnel to Business Owners. Now, Business owners are a breed of people who are great at managing money, or at least they are believed to be. Sadly this is only a myth. The managing of assets, liabilities, revenue […]

How to deal with the upcoming Recession

Recession! The name which makes almost everyone anxious and nervous. Even though it is an inevitable phase of the economic cycle and we know that we will be experiencing it in the coming months, more than two-thirds of the population is not at all ready for it. Why? Why is it that even if we […]

How to manage your bank deposits in these Economic times

How safe is our Bank Money? We all must have heard people saying, “Investing is too risky, I do not even have enough expertise, I would rather keep my money safely in the Bank.” With all these banks like the PMC (Punjab and Maharashtra Co-operative Bank Ltd.), YES Bank and the latest CKP Co-operative Bank […]

3 Easy Tips to decrease Investment Risk

Investment for many is now a part of their lifestyle. Knowing Investments are risky, people understand its necessary to fulfill their needs such as child’s education, Children’s marriage, retirement needs, purchase a house or some luxury car, emergency fund, travel fund, any special purpose fund, etc. The problem is that people mostly don’t even understand […]

What is the motivation for making more money? Time or Luxury?

Ever wondered what would determine a sufficient income be like? How do we decide that it is the ideal income we want? Our wants are unlimited and resources are limited. Do we ever say that the income we get is more than enough and no further increase in the income is required at this point? […]

Guaranteed Returns: Reality or Myth?

Every Investor before investing asks the same old question. If the returns are guaranteed? which brings us to conclude that we need to first be clear with the answer to some questions like ‘What are guaranteed returns?’, ‘Can the returns be guaranteed?’. If yes, who guarantees it? Everyone falls for the term ‘Guaranteed Returns’ but […]

Good Debt Vs Bad Debt

Debt is an important part of life for a lot of people. Most people consider taking a loan as a bad thing and only take one if there are no other ways of getting financed. They have this bad image of debt due to the compulsory payment of interest and borrowing that money which is […]

Are you a profitable entrepreneur? Here is how to UP your Financial Game

For an already successful businessman, doing fairly good in the business, the concern is not to have enough money but the concern becomes how to properly invest it in various sources so as to get the maximum returns.  The management of personal finances is not just a problem for the working-class people, professionals etc. but […]

The know-how of managing and Increasing your Wealth

Even though there are multiple methods available to manage and increase wealth, some rudimentary rules can help you get a fair idea on how to enhance your income.  Time waits for nobody, but as an investor, time can work marvellously in obtaining compound interest and further returns, provided we start saving, early and regularly. Over […]

Are you planning to leave anything behind for your family

Each one of us is working really hard to achieve our goals, those goals include everything based on where we stand currently. For someone who is doing fairly well when it comes to meeting their everyday needs, the focus becomes Creating ‘Wealth’. Now, Wealth has always been something that people have been proud of both […]

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