Best Passive Income Ideas in India for Beginners

Best Passive Income ideas in India for Beginners
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Many people try to find out about Best Passive Income Ideas in India. Passive Income, being one of the most unexplored areas in our country has a lot to give to the Indian Population. Many times, people do know many ways to earn passive income but find the whole process of setting up the system or learning a new skill very complex. They do not want to put a lot of effort into earning Passive income as it should not be requiring much effort anyway. The complexity of the process turns out to be a big hindrance on the way to earn passive income. A few of the simplest passive income ideas are : 

  1. Investing in Debt Funds 

There are three types of Debt Funds on the basis of duration, short, medium and long-term. One can invest in these according to their needs and preferences. Short-term Debt funds include Corporate Bonds and bonds of Banks. Medium-term debt funds include ETF Bonds and Long-term debt funds include PF (Provident Funds) and PPF (Public Provident Fund. This is a very safe option for those who want to learn simple Best Passive Income Ideas in India, it is for people with less risk appetite and thus usually has a fixed rate of return limiting the returns to the one already promised. This also brings stability in your overall portfolio as the returns from this type of fund is usually assured. Debt Funds also have high liquidity as it can be easily converted into cash (sometimes within a day). 

  1. Rental Income 

There can be nothing as simple as this form of income, which not many know or understand is a form of Passive Income. Along with being simple, it is also one of the safest avenue for passive income. There has been many advancements in the real estate sector and thus this income has widened its scope with the advancements. 

  1. Gold (Sovereign Gold Bonds)

Sovereign Gold Bonds are government securities and are considered very safe. Their value is denominated in multiples of gold grams. It has witnessed a significant increase in investors, with it being considered a substitute for physical gold. If someone is looking to purchase a Sovereign Gold Bond, all they have to do is approach a SEBI authorised agent. Once they have redeemed the bond, the corpus (as per the current market value) will be deposited to their registered bank account.

These are a few of the simplest and easiest ways to earn Passive Income with a minimal amount of risk involved as compared to other asset classes. It does not even require building a system of having any kind of skill-set. Neither do these require a lot of research and analysis before investing as one needs to do in the case of Equity (stocks). 

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