Are you a profitable entrepreneur? Here is how to UP your Financial Game

Are you a profitable entrepreneur? Here is how to UP your Financial Game
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For an already successful businessman, doing fairly good in the business, the concern is not to have enough money but the concern becomes how to properly invest it in various sources so as to get the maximum returns. 

The management of personal finances is not just a problem for the working-class people, professionals etc. but also for the millionaires who have made it big. They can be really great at their business and still struggle in managing their personal finances. Something that comes along with people earning good enough is that they also have to make room for charity and helping others with the money from their personal finances and most people are not good with it. 

As tough as it may look, one may do fairly good if they follow certain rules as mentioned below. 

1. Spend just enough

Once you know you’re doing good enough in your business, then you must also focus on spending the money on things that could bring some more happiness in the family. But saving should always be there in the back of the mind so that one never spends too much as savings and investing are lifelong affairs and should be done consistently at regular interval of time. So, spend on things that will bring an extra smile on the faces of your family members, that will further motivate you to do better but do not overspend. 

2. Inclusive Budgeting

It is a fact that a lot of people from friends and family turn up for asking for monetary help or some kind of friendly investment when they know that you have enough to help.  One can not always turn down such requests so there should always have a provision which could have room for such funds used for helping friends and family. One may or may not be in a position to give the complete amount that they are asked but even a small amount can help. 

3. Resist the Temptation of borrowings

As you get rich and successful, you get eligible to receive more loans or debt finance from the banks and other financial institution. This might be very tempting because the business constantly demands the injection of money, but one must avoid that and not take too many loans, at least not without consulting a corporate finance professional.

4. Spend under 10% of your profit

Spending under 10% of the annual gain is just enough to enjoy the happiness of the fortune, rest should be either retained for the business or transferred to our personal wealth pool in order to create passive income out of it. 

5. Focus on your core competencies

It is evident that you’re good in doing business if you’re able to earn well from it, but that does not mean you’ll be good in managing your personal finances too. On the other hand, you may be really good at managing your business finances, very skilled in taking a financial decision in your business but still not be a good investor. Therefore, it is always advisable to focus on one’s core competencies. 

6. Hire skilled professionals 

One should get a good accountant, a lawyer, and a wealth manager so as to not make any wrong financial decision as it will help in taxation and other legalities. A wealth manager can guide one to create the most out of one’s personal wealth and create different passive income sources so that there is less dependency on the business for managing the expenses in the long run.

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