5 Practical ways to achieve Financial Freedom in 5 years or less

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In the fast-paced world we are living in today, it is important for all of us to match its frequency. Attaining Financial Freedom has become one of the top priorities of major sectors of society. But working towards it is still a challenge for many because they are yet to learn the five practical ways to achieve financial freedom in five years or less

What really matters is taking the first step, and the rest falls back in place at the right time only if the following ways are adhered to.

  1. Check your current financial position: Have a roadmap for yourself. Yes, it is important to know where you stand currently and where you want to be financially in the future. To understand your current position, track your net worth, track the past mistakes, use automation to learn your assets and liabilities performance. 
  1. Debt Management: Loans are something that is always at a higher rate of interest, and wealth is something that is always growing at a lower rate of interest. Hence, paying more outflow than inflow leads to negative cash flow, further dragging your wealth in the opposite direction. To avoid such a situation, it is important to know and check whether the loan you are going to take is a good loan or a bad loan.

Good loans help to gain assets and enhance income, like home or education loans. Some provide relief from taxation rebates, whereas bad loans such as credit cards or personal loans come with a high-interest rate with no tax benefits, hence it is always advised to curtail bad loans.

  1. Spend only on needs: Always distinguish in terms of need or want. Invest in things which you need and not. This way, the saved money is channelized in the right places to help one achieve financial freedom. Hence, avoid unnecessary expenses because expenses should be like a mediocre person with a mindset of a wealthy person.
  1. Increase your income: Two ways to increase income are active or passive. Active income comprises business, job, profession. Always try to brush up on your skills to make more money, get bonuses, or even promotions. Passive income is the money you earn without working for it. One of the easiest ways is to allocate your wealth to different asset groups to make additional income.  

Use active and passive both at the same time. It will definitely help you achieve financial freedom in no time.

  1. Invest according to your goals: Financial freedom only happens when one takes care of the present needs of money and the future need of money, both at the same time. Setting future goals for oneself and the family, owning a house, traveling the world and many more can only be fulfilled once you plan for them and planning is all about investing today choosing the right asset class, the right methods, the system, the skills, the learning and putting all of that into automation systematic method that once you set it up, it works and delivers when you actually need that money.

There have been many other wrong ways being followed by people like selling their assets, by borrowing money, end up deferring the goals or compromising or, better yet, throughout this entire period, being stressing about money. You can avoid all of this.

The actions you take today decide how quickly will you achieve financial freedom. One has to think differently and not go through any of this if the correct steps are followed before it’s too late and hope these five methods were instrumental in learning the ways through which one can achieve financial freedom in five years or less.

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