Helping you to live a life free of money worries

We help entrepreneurs & professionals eliminate their dependence of money on business or job, by making fixed monthly Passive Income from their existing wealth

Learn the science to build monthly Passive Income from your existing wealth

No Affiliate Marketing, No Work from Home Schemes!!

Our disruptive approach unveils better alternatives to traditional wealth management to help you to generate steady monthly passive income from your existing wealth.


Financial Mindset

Train your mind to start thinking like a wealthy person and begin to attract wealth rather than you run after it.


Financial Skillset

Enhance your skills to channelize your wealth into a fixed monthly passive income.


Financial Systems

Learn to put systems in place so that your money keeps working for you even when you sleep.


Community Support

Join the passive income community where people stand shoulder to shoulder to help you achieve your goal of financial nirvana.

AskTheWiseGuy's Signature Programs

Helping Entrepreneurs, Professionals and even Students in their journeys towards Financial Nirvana

Mastery: Financial Nirvana WEBINAR

A 1.5 hours Enlightening Webinar to help you learn Passive Income creation from your Existing Wealth


Mission: Financial Nirvana Online

A 4 Days transformational program to help you get started on your journey towards your financial freedom

MasterClass: Financial Nirvana Online

A 12 months empowering program to help beginners to immediately start making passive income within 12 months

Arpit Arora: India's Leading Personal Finance Expert & Passive Income Coach

Arpit Arora is on a mission to help Entrepreneurs and Professionals to make more Passive income from their wealth and live a life free of money worries.

Arpit, after spending over a decade in the financial industry in India and abroad, realised that money is the biggest worry of most of the people, irrespective of their age.

What makes us unique?

On our mission to “Help millions to live a life free of money worries“, we intend on improving the financial lives of individuals so that they can pursue their lives with passion and not compulsion

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Automated Financial Assessments

Take up our Automated Financial Assessments to understand how well is your wealth working for you and what potential it has to generate a fixed passive income for you
Financial Health Checkup
passive income
A 10-point Financial Health Guide detailing the money related risks which you have been unaware of
Financial Strength Analysis
passive income
A Comprehensive Assessment of your Wealth & Guidelines to understand and enhance your passive income creation
Arpit Arora


Financial Insights

Stay updated, stay aware!!

Read the latest updates and valuable insights into the financial world to keep yourself educated at all times.